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  • Process
  • Create Custom Content

    Easily create, generate or upload custom content into manageable activities and assessments for your learners.

  • Enable Learning & Feedback

    As your learners interact, they get instant personalized phonetic & audiovisual feedback on how to improve.

  • Gain Data-driven Insights

    Dive into aggrigated learner data to quickly understand individual and group learning opportunities.

- Free up valuable time while empowering learners to speak with confidence.

AI, Used Responsibly.

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Features & Benefits

All our solutions have been created together with industry leaders to ensure ease of use, and seamless integration.


SQ.Ai (Sky): Your AI-Powered Assistant

Generative AI to help you create great content in no time

SQ.Ai is your new AI-powered assistant that utilizes the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create content quickly and efficiently. With SQ.Ai's advanced capabilities, she can generate accurate and relevant content tailored to meet your specific needs.

Many of our users rely on SQ.Ai to create quick assessments or extracurricular activities for their learners.


Instant personalized feedback

With the ability to recognize a diverse range of accents, we empower learners through calibrated confidence scores.

  • Phonetic & Audiovisual Feedback

    We provide learners with phonetic transcriptions and visual pronunciation maps to identify areas of improvement.

  • Confidence & Encouragement

    Confidence scores reflect individual potential: Instructors calibrate sensitivity to provide granular feedback and encourage optimal learning paths.


Data Analytics & Learner Reports

Effortlessly unlock insights into learner confidence, learning needs, and content effectiveness with our auto-marking analytics.

  • Individual Speech Data
  • Group Level Analytics
  • Custom Report Generation

Our Difference

Our AI technology replaces outdated waveform comparison methods and significantly advances the previous capabilities of AI speech analytics technology.

The traditional waveform comparison technique compares user speech to a fixed list of pre-recorded samples, which creates issues when taking accent and gender into account. For instance, an Australian woman would be penalized when compared to a sample made by an American man, despite both speaking English perfectly.

Through the use of AI, we ensure gender and accent discrimination are eliminated.

The majority of AI speech analysis platforms are limited to a single language and a rigid list of phrases due to the time constraints of traditional AI models.

Our cutting-edge AI can analyze speech dynamically in 7 languages on any user-generated content, regardless of its subject matter.

This is made possible by our unique AI model, dynamic machine learning (ML) algorithms, and advanced phonetic frameworks that confidently analyze the entire spectrum of AI speech recognised data to deliver unparalleled accuracy and insights.


Use Cases

Language Learning

Save time in lesson planning while also increasing learner proficiency. Create homework or an entire curriculum in no time and get detailed reports which can help you focus on teaching in class.

Corporate Training

Add value to your training program with an additional service for employees. Track progress and ensure employees are confident that their speaking abilities meet business needs.

Talent Acquisition

Include industry-specific auto-marked oral assessments in your TA Process. Assess conversational, recitation, and freestyle oral skills to find the ideal candidate with ease.

Speech Therapy

Provide a safe space for those wanting to improve the clarity and understand their oral skills. Get insights and track progress to inspire confidence and increase engagement.