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Your Needs Are Our Priorities

When onboarding, we'll be right by your side, listening to your requirements and working with you to create a tailored plan that helps you quickly achieve your unique needs.

Users, Groups & Roles

We assist you in organizing your users, groups, and roles effectively. After setting up the platform, we provide training so that you can maintain and organize users in the future.

Content & Curriculum Structuring

Get your content delivery just right with our curriculum structuring services. We help you upload your content per your specifications while maximizing efficiency through our advanced features.

Instructor / Admin Training

Our fun and interactive training sessions are designed to upskill your staff on Speechsquare best practices, AI tips & tricks, and how to get the most out of generative AI.

User Workshops

With a focus on learning, we show users what additional tools are available to them and help them understand technical requirements and methods to improve learning outcomes.

Fully Customizable Platforms

Unlock the full potential of your experience and customize your platform to your individual needs. Our expert customization services empower you to bring your vision to life, whether you want to create a unique branded platform, make color and layout changes, or redesign the entire flow to meet your specific requirements.

White Label

Rebrand your platform and make it your own.

UI/UX Redesign

Overhaul layouts and flow to meet your unique needs.


Create your own modules to increase efficiency.

Custom Apps

Add custom web and mobile applications.